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Are there scholarships for left handed students?

QUESTION: I heard of a scholarship called the Lefty Award. Can you tell me if there is such an award and how I can get more information on it? Signed, Southpaw

Dear Southpaw: For all of the ill-fitting scissors and smeared pen ink from writing left to right, there is finally an advantage for left-handed students. The Beckley Scholarship at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pa. offers a scholarship for you.

The award was founded by two alumni who met at Juniata in 1919 when they were paired together as tennis partners for being left-handed. Frederick Beckley and Mary Francis married five years later, and in 1979 the left-handed scholarship was started.

The requirements for the award are that you must be a sophomore, junior or senior at Juniata College, demonstrate financial need and academic merit and, of course, be left-handed. Get more information about the Beckley Scholarship at Search for "left handed scholarship" on the college's Web site.


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